Rigby, ID Pest Control & Lawn Care

If you live in the Idaho Falls area and want to keep your home and yard safe, you are likely wondering what steps you can take to reach your goal. Many people try to get the job done without help, but they can’t expect the best possible results unless they have the right training and equipment. If you want to keep your property at its best, nothing compares to the touch of a caring expert. Whether you want termite, weed or ant control, you can count on us to meet your needs, and you are going to learn about some of the services that we offer to the residents of Idaho Falls and the surrounding area.

Termite Control

Having termites is a dangerous situation that you will want to avoid. Unless you take proactive steps to safeguard your home, these insects won’t waste much time when they get the chance to enter your home and cause damage. They will consume wooden walls, floors, and furniture before you know it, and most people don’t know how to spot the warning signs during the early stages of an infestation. Piles of wood and shrubs near your home can attract these pests, but they can also come up from the ground. You will want to move fast if you believe that termites have invited themselves into your home.

Weed Control

Weeds can turn up when you least expect them and will harm the appearance of your yard. Even though you can find a range of sprays that promise to combat the problem, they won’t always be enough to finish the job. Also, some products can harm flowers and other things that you might want to protect. When weeds get into your garden, they can steal nutrients from your vegetables, causing them to wilt. If you would like to address the threat, you can try pulling weeds out by their roots, but doing so is time-consuming and offers no guarantees. In addition to the other problems that they can inflict, weeds can even attract a range of pests that will cause even more trouble.

Ant Control

Ants work in groups when it comes to finding and transporting food back to their colony, and you could be the next target if you are not careful. House ants won't cause many problems, but they are not pleasant to have in your home. If a scout finds any sugary substances, it will notify the rest of the colony, and you will have an infestation on your hands.

Pest Control Services

When pests or weeds strike and you want to get the situation under control, you can't settle for anything less than the best. At Pest Control Services, we have the tools, experience, and education to handle any pest or weed issues that you might have, and we promise to not let you down. If you are ready to get started so that you can reclaim your property, give us a call right away.