Pest Control in Basalt, Idaho

The small town of Basalt is an ideal location for people seeking a rural community. The area has beautiful natural sights, outdoor recreation, mild weather, and friendly people. There are an abundance of reasons to love Basalt, but one cause of concern is pests. Unfortunately, Idaho is not immune to pest problems, and residents may have to deal with ants, termites, bed bugs, rodents, and other critters.

If you have a pest issue in your home or commercial business, you likely feel frustrated, worried, and uncomfortable. Certain pests can pose a threat to your health, and others are simply a major nuisance. You don't have to handle an infestation alone, though. Pest Control Services, Inc. is a Basalt pest control company that specializes in dealing with the bugs and rodents native to the area.

Residential Pest Control

Pests can make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable in your own home. There are few things worse than opening a kitchen cupboard to see ants crawling everywhere or coming across rodent droppings in the corner of a room. Pest Control Services, Inc. can handle even the worst infestations, though.

Our residential pest control team is equipped with state-of-the-art products and technologies that will remove the critters and protect your home from reinfestation. We use a highly effective combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments, taking into account the safety of your family and pets. We know how frustrating pest problems can be, and our goal is to take care of the infestation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Commercial Pest Control

A pest problem inside your business can have a number of serious consequences. When pests infiltrate your business, they may damage inventory or supplies. An infestation can negatively affect your company's reputation, too. Most importantly, though, the presence of certain pests may put your employees and customers at risk.

Our commercial pest control experts understand how harmful a pest problem can be for your commercial business, so we aim to eliminate the pests efficiently and thoroughly. We can provide a one-time treatment or recurring services, and we tailor our approach to fit your unique needs.

Hire a Local Basalt, ID Pest Control Company

If you're in need of a Basalt pest control company , Pest Control, Inc. is happy to help. Our team is licensed, insured, and experienced, and we've helped countless families and business owners get rid of their pests for good.

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