Commercial Pest Management Services

When pests invade your business, the results can be a lot more damaging than just your reputation. Rodents and insects cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Our objective is to identify pest problems and outline real world solutions using chemical and non-chemical IPM programs to protect your building, products, inventory, and reputation. We understand the health and safety risks associated with any pest infestation, and work hard to help you provide a safe place for your employees and customers.

Certified Pest Control Inspections for AIB, GAP, and Primus

In the competitive and regulated market for fresh pack, food grade customers, and many other commodities, Pest Control Services provides the latest technology in insect and rodent control. Using state of the art PDA's with bar code technology, activity reports and records for rodent and insect control are printed on-site providing instant documentation for log books. We also provide, through our web site, a secure link to access reports 24 hours a day, saving you time and money. Pest Control Services has a long track record for providing top scores on our inspections.

We offer pest management services for commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Once we have conducted a thorough inspection, we sit down with you and make our professional recommendation. Large or small, quarterly, monthly, or weekly service requirements, you can rest assured pest control services can handle your pest control needs. With over 40 years’ experience and a continued commitment to using latest technology and past proven methods we have established a history of proven results. We will provide service quickly and efficiently so you can return to business as usual.

Our Services are Licensed, Insured, and Guaranteed

From our office staff to our spray technicians, we are committed to ongoing education for products and services. All of our applicators are licensed, trained and is continually engaged maintaining their recertification training and certification. This certification is regulated and monitored by the Idaho Dept. of Agriculture.

Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels

These are not only sensitive accounts but also have favorable environments for a pest infestation. Pests can bring disease, health risks and unsanitary conditions into these areas creating problems for your business. Our trained professionals and detailed pest control programs can help eliminate and control your pest issues while remaining sensitive to the special needs of your business. We treat all our commercial accounts professionally, respectful and in a discreet manner.

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Rodent & Insect Control
  • Device Barcoding Technology
  • Detailed Record Keeping
  • Bed Bug Treatments
  • Cockroach Treatments
  • Termite Inspections and Treatments
  • Same Day Emergency Call Out