Why Are Pests Attracted to Moisture?


Like all living things today, pests depend on moisture for multiple reasons. 

However, the chief among those reasons is for basic survival. 

No matter what type of pest it is, they need moisture, they may not need a lot, but they need some for sure. 

That’s why they’re so attracted to any humid environments. It’s also why any slightly leaky pipe or standing water in the backyard can draw them right in. So if you’re wondering why pests are showing up where they previously hadn’t, looking for moisture is a good starting point. 

But what pests should you be looking for? Or what pests can you expect to see? 

That’s what we’ll cover in the rest of this post, and you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Pest Control Services has been doing this work since 1970. So, let’s continue! 


These pests love any damp or humid environment they can find. Counter to what many people believe, you’re home doesn’t need to messy. If there’s sufficient food and water, it’s more than acceptable for cockroaches. 


We all know that ants will spring up anywhere that you happen to leave food sitting. But they’ll go just as far for moisture! This means that areas like your bathroom or kitchen are especially in danger! 


If you’ve ever been to a lake in the summer, you most likely got attacked by a decent amount of mosquitoes. Why? It’s because they love standing water. For mosquitoes, it’s not just a good water source. It’s also about getting an ideal area to lay eggs. 

Unfortunately, that means even more mosquitoes to deal with. 


Termites are associated with dry, brittle wood. But that’s only because of what they do to the wood, not because that’s the type of wood they prefer. Termites love damp or moist wood, it’s easier to chew than dry wood. 

That’s another reason that eliminating leaks near wood should be a top priority. 

This list doesn’t cover every pest that’s attracted to moisture, but it should give you a good base! If you come across any of these pests, you should start looking for the moisture that attracted them. Then contact help. 

A professional exterminator can eliminate the pests and find their entrances simultaneously! 

Ready for an end to your pest problem? Call Pest Control Services.

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