Where do Pests go During the Cold Weather Months


Pests are very noticeable in the spring and summer months of the year but are much more calm during the colder months. As winter approaches most people assume pests die off and simply go away. However, that is not the case. Some pests survive the cold and are still in search of food in and shelter. At Pest Control Services we can keep your home pest free year round no matter if it's cold or warm. 

Where Do Cold Weather Pests Hide as it Gets Colder? 

During the cold weather, pests activity is significantly reduced. Some pests go into diapause, a state of dormancy influenced by environmental factors. The main reason why pests go into diapause is to avoid the harsh weather and conserve energy. The Survival of pests in diapause is propelled by their stored fat, which acts as an energy source. Besides that, some pests produce an antifreeze compound, which significantly lowers their body fluids' freezing points.

Migration is another survival mechanism that pests adapt during cold weather. The inability of pests to generate heat forces them to migrate to warmer areas; hence Indoor spaces make ideal hideouts for different pests. Warmth is not the only thing that can make pests crawl into your house but also the availability of food; limited food resources often accompany the cold season. Pests may gain entry into your house through cracks, gaps under the door, crevices, and dryer vents. Pests problem is unavoidable once these creatures infiltrate your home. The onset of a cold season severely impacts pests' behavior. Most pests stay out of sight, and it is easy to assume they are dead or gone.

Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. Pests tend to seek shelter in warm habitats, resulting in an influx of pests into your home. It is crucial to maintain pest management practices during the cold season. 

Common Cold Weather Pests 

For these pests there is no off season, they will still infest your home during the fall and winter months. 


Termites will be looking for a warm place to shelter when they reproduce during the month of February. 


Rats and Mice will nest in any place that will provide warmth. They are commonly found in basements, attics, garages, and sheds. 


Cockroaches are known to survive in the worst of conditions but they cannot survive sub 15 degree weather. They will look for a warm shelter during the colder months even if they can survive most nights outside. 


Ants travel in large colonies and can invade your home looking for crumbs and warmth. Ants can enter your home from small cracks in doors and windows. They usually can be found in flower beds against the house making for easy assess. 

Many More 

When it gets colder, pests get desperate and enter survival mode. You never know the type of pest you may find trying to invade your home. 

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