What is a Micro Tree Injection and How Does it Work?


Beautiful landscapes require dedicated maintenance. When issues such as pests or plant diseases strike, they can wreak havoc on a landscape quickly.

What’s particularly damaging to a beautiful landscape? Tree deterioration and even death. 

Boring insects and pests can work their way into trees, destroying them from the inside out. And trees can catch diseases that are detrimental to their health, too. 

What can you do to prevent or treat these issues? Micro tree injections are particularly effective at getting rid of disease and pests. It’s important to have a professional service you can rely on in the event that you find pests or diseases harming the plants on your property. Who do you have to rely on right now? 

Visit Pest Control Services for lawn, tree & pest professionals you can count on. And to learn more about micro tree injections, read on!

What Diseases and Pests Hurt Trees?

Trees can suffer from all sorts of issues, such as boring insects, diseases and more. It’s important to have your property regularly inspected for signs of such issues.

When you have a trained professional checking your property, you can rest assured that they’ll catch anything awry. It’s common for these inspections to reveal evidence of bores, scale, canker, fire blight and more. 

You’re going to want to catch those and treat them as soon as you can. What are your options? Let’s go over micro tree injections. Then you can find a local professional who offers specialty services.

What is a Micro Tree Injection?

To heal and control diseases and pests that plague trees, you can have a micro tree injection performed. This procedure involves a professional service injecting whatever products are necessary to heal that particular issue. 

These treatments are typically more effective than spray solutions since they go right to the source more quickly.

How Do Micro Tree Injections Work?

You can think of them sort of like a human getting a shot at the doctor. It can be efficient to deliver medicine directly into the tree, in a similar way. This more direct delivery method allows the substance to treat the ailment more effectively and efficiently. 

To learn more about micro tree injections and how we at Pest Control Services of Idaho can help, let’s connect! We look forward to serving you and solving your pest problems.

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