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What Creepy Crawlies Are Lurking in Your Basement

The basement of your home can be an incredibly handy space. Unfortunately, bugs tend to feel the same way. The darkness is a perfect place for them to hide, and if the basement happens to be damp, then their situation is even better. Especially if you want to use your basement as a storage space, you need to know what might be attracted to this area of your home. Here are a few kinds of creepy crawlies that might love to live in your basement.


These insects are perhaps the culprits you might traditionally expect. Spiders love dark, deep, and damp places. While some are harmless, you should keep a wary eye out for black widows and brown recluses. These two spiders have poisonous venom, so anyone bitten needs immediate medical attention. Watch for spiders with a black body with a red hourglass on the back or a brown body with the shape of a violin on the back.

Centipedes and Millipedes 

Centipedes and millipedes love a damp basement, but won’t live for long there. Neither will roly-polys, which you might also know as pillbugs or woodlice. These bugs won’t harm you, although centipedes have been known to bite.


Perhaps the most disgusting and hated basement infiltrator is the common cockroach. These nasty creatures can enter your basement through any cracks or open spaces and will then happily spread to the rest of your home if possible. They live a long time, reproduce quickly, and spread any diseases they happen to be carrying, so they need to be professionally removed as soon as they are spotted.


Chief among the burrowing bugs is the termite. Although their infestations are not limited to the basement, this is a typical place to spot them, since they will seize upon any opening to enter your home and begin eating through all the wooden beams, insulation and supporting joints within.

Silverfish and Earwigs 

Silverfish and earwigs can both have pincers attached to the rear, although silverfish have the distinctive silver color suggested by their name. These bugs are attracted to paper and clothing, which spells doom for any such items you might want to store in your basement.

Seek Professional Help

It may be tempting to try flushing these creatures out yourself, but if you want to make sure they’re gone for good, you need professional pest extermination. We will develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your home and personal needs, ensuring that your home is safe and protected from future infestations. Contact Pest Control Services, Inc. for a free quote and request your inspection today.

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