Ways To Protect Your Lawn and Shrubs This Winter


You are probably pretty familiar with taking care of your lawn and shrubs in the summer. But when colder weather hits, and snow starts to fall, it can be harder to know what you need to do to maintain your landscaping. Cold weather and snow can be hazardous to the plant life in your garden, but don’t fret. If you go into this winter prepared, you can be sure that you are doing the most you can to foster healthy growth - even when you can’t see any green.

Clear Debris

Keeping your lawn free of debris such as dead leaves is one of the best things you can do for it. Piles of leaves make perfect homes for bugs and other critters, and they can also kill your grass by depriving it of sunlight, water, and air.


Winter can be a dry time for plant life. Snow can have the opposite effect of rain, depriving soil of water and packing it down. To combat this, make sure your lawn and shrubs get enough water up until the first big freeze of the year. Keeping them hydrated before the ground freezes will help them stay strong throughout the winter.

Cover Shrubs When During Extreme Weather

Covering up your shrubs and other plants during periods of freezing can be an easy way to protect them from the damage caused by biting cold. Blankets, plastic, or covers made specifically for plants can be used to lend your garden this extra protection. To ensure maximum effectiveness, cover plants completely to the ground and make sure the covers are secure. If covers are not held down, then warmth will not be sealed in, and the covers will be ineffective.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn before it gets too cold is another great step to keeping your lawn healthy in the winter. During warmer weather, your lawn might get a lot of foot traffic. By aerating, you allow air and water to better reach the roots of your grass, helping to counteract soil that became compacted by all that activity. When soil becomes compacted due to heavy activity, the roots of the grass stop being able to get what they need to survive, resulting in leaving you with patches of dirt and dying grass. If your lawn is suffering, make sure to aerate it before the snow hits.

These are some basic tips to get you started in your landscaping planning for the winter. Keeping your lawn healthy can be tricky though, so don’t hesitate to call Pest Control Services!

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