Tips to Protect Lawns From Pests


Dreams of lush, springy grass may be dashed to pieces when pests turn it into an all-you-can-eat salad buffet. Read on to see what you can do to protect your lawn from some of Idaho’s garden pests.

Grubs and Beetles

Look for brown spots in your lawn this summer that don’t seem to recover even though other brown patches have after watering. Pull up on a handful of grass to see if it easily comes up, like lifting a carpet. Grubs tear through the roots that anchor them into the ground and cause the grass to lift up easily.

Do not dig up the grass; it adds a lot of extra work and makes your lawn look even more unsightly. Treat the section of your yard with some insect control and continue to water it instead. New roots will grow back into the soil in time.

Billbugs (Weevils)

Billbugs tear through the roots of your grass. As adults, they feast on your grass blades. They can quickly turn sections of healthy grass into enormous, dead, brown patches. Preemptive actions are the best when dealing with them, so an infestation will not take over your lawn.

Use insecticides to kill the adults as they start to become active in the spring. Follow with another round of insecticides to kill any growing populations of grubs before they can grow and reproduce.


Many of us here in Idaho are well-acquainted with the damage these rodents do to lawns and yards. They can even kill trees if they’re left unchecked. 

To combat this menace, make your yard less habitable. They don’t like to be exposed, and a perimeter of bare ground 4-5 feet wide deters them. Mow your lawn, clear grassy areas and get rid of debris where they can hide.

Lethal and nonlethal traps are a conventional way to get rid of voles already on your property. But, pet cats are also an excellent option. Planting catnip attracts many neighborhood cats to your yard. But, this unconventional method may also attract mountain lions and bobcats if your home is near their habitat.

A pinch of preventative care can save you from the stress and unenviable task of dealing with crises. Contact our professionals at Pest Control Services, Inc. for a free estimate, and we’ll help you out with everything from prevention to exterminating infestations.

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