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3 Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Southeastern Idaho goes through some pretty rough winters. But, with spring weather getting ready to return, it is time everyone turns their attention to their lawns once again.

Lawns need extra attention in Idaho because of our higher altitude. Here at Pest Control Idaho we often get asked all sorts of questions about proper lawn maintenance and weed control. Read on to find out our three tips for a healthy lawn. 

Tip #1: Choose the Right Grass for the Job

First, determine what will happen on the grass. Will the grass need to stand up to children playing on it? Will there be landscaping covering large areas? 

We recommend four types of grass that can stand up to extreme weather changes:

  • Fine Fescues: A hearty type of grass that can take extremely low temperatures and survive in the shade quite well. Not the greatest for highly trafficked areas. 
  • Tall Fescues: A “bunch-type” of grass that grows in clumps. It prefers to grow in warmer climates such as Southern Idaho areas. 
  • Kentucky Bluegrass: This type of grass is probably the most common type used in Idaho. It can easily handle cold weather but does not prefer the shade. 
  • Perennial Ryegrass: Another “”bunch-type of grass that grows in clumps. The ryegrass does not prefer cold weather but is mixed with other grass seeds, acting as a booster or filler.

Tip #2: Get the Mowing Height Right

Mowing grass at the correct height is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain your lawn. We recommend keeping a grass height of anywhere between 2.5 and 3 inches. 

Never mow your lawn lower than 2 inches in height. In high-altitude regions, the grass will have a hard time dealing with colder weather zones if you cut the grass too short. 

Tip #3: Get the Weeds Out

Weed control is essential for your lawn as the weather heats up. Just be careful if you decide to tackle the problem yourself. Using the wrong combination of chemicals can lead to disaster, turning your grasses yellow or even worse. 

If you are not sure what to use, contact us at Pest Control Idaho

Why Pest Control Idaho Can Help You With Your Lawn Needs

We have proudly served Southeastern Idaho since 1970 and are fully licensed and insured. Whether you need lawn care or pest control, our highly trained and knowledgeable team has got your back. 

From residential to commercial areas and more, we will be more than happy to perform a free inspection to let you know what will work best for your lawn, yard or landscaping plans. Contact Pest Control Idaho today to get started.

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