The Top Five Foods that Attract Rodents


Most of us enjoy entertaining visitors with a variety of delicious dishes and tempting treats. There’s nothing like enticing aromas to make a home inviting to others. 

The downside of offering savory delicacies is the risk of attracting unwanted guests, including mice, rats and other rodents. Find out about the foods that may attract these dangerous pests to your property.


Foods packed with proteins are a favorite with rodents. A natural source of protein includes meats of all kinds. Rodents aren’t picky, so they will also be glad to devour processed meat products such as hot dogs, beef jerky and bacon bits. 

Proteins come in other forms that rodents also find appealing. Pungent cheeses and crunchy nuts are quick to get these hungry invaders’ attention. One of their top choices is the mix of nuts and oils found within peanut butter.

Grains and Seeds

Rodents often balance their quest for proteins with carbohydrates found in grains. They will seek out bread, crackers and other baked goods to satisfy their voracious appetites. These creatures appreciate crusty and moldy samples as well as fresh-baked ones. Rodents also desire all types of seeds, including sunflower, flax, pumpkin and sesame seeds. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Rodents appreciate the bounties of the Earth, such as tasty fruits and vegetables. They prefer ripe or overripe choices when they have strong smells and soft and juicy consistencies. As produce becomes less appealing to humans, they become irresistible to pests.

Pet Foods

Pet foods are designed with a balance of proteins and carbohydrates that are healthy for various animals. It is natural for their smells and serving sizes to interest rodents of all kinds. Moistened pet food causes the odors to drift across a large area and attract mice, rats and other rodents to join your furry family members for a well-rounded meal.

Snack Foods

Just like the rest of us, rodents love to munch on snacks that are laden with salt and sugar. Chips, pretzels, cookies and candy are as tempting to rodents as they are to humans. They would appreciate finishing off a sampling of meat scraps, crumbs and fruit and vegetable side dishes with a salty or sweet treat. 

What should you do if you want to enjoy delicious foods in your home without attracting disgusting, disease-ridden rodents? Call on the professionals of Pest Control Services, Inc. Our team is well-equipped to understand what attracts rodents to your property. We provide a complete range of licensed services to eliminate their threat once and for all.  

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