The Dangers of Not Utilizing Weed Control


Weeds are a problem that every homeowner who cares about having a pristine lawn never seems to fully eliminate. When yards are not taken care of in the proper way, weeds will begin to appear and quickly overtake a beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, the consequences of failing to keep a lawn in good shape can be more severe than many homeowners realize. Some cities have enacted ordinances that fine homeowners who fail to maintain a specified concentration of grass on their land. Moreover, the cost of replacing a ruined lawn with new grass can be expensive since existing grass has to be ripped up, additional nutrients have to be brought in, and new sod can be costly.

How Weeds Form

Weeds often appear on their own in unusual places, so people often wonder how these weeds got there in the first place. Unlike with other plants that drop seeds near themselves, the seeds that create weeds often travel great distances before arriving at their final resting point. Seeds for common weeds, such as dandelions, chickweeds, and thistle, can move significant distances through flowing water and gusts of wind. Blades of grass can trap seeds flowing through the air, and this can result in weeds forming once these seeds touch the soil.

Consequences of Ignoring Weeds

Some homeowners live with the mistaken belief that they will not have to face any consequences if they ignore weeds forming on their lawn. It is important to remember that the land surrounding a home was originally populated with trees, ferns, and fields full of weeds. When grass is not protected from nature, weeds will gradually overtake all of the grass until they completely saturate a lawn. Even if a property is large, homeowners should be sure to take at least some simple measures, such as using fertilizer and killing off the largest weeds, to prevent weeds from taking over their lawn. If a large lawn has to be replanted, the cost of such a project can be astronomical.

Best Ways to Eliminate Weeds

One of the most effective ways to eliminate weeds is to make use of fertilizer on a regular basis. Many fertilizer manufacturers recommend using their products at least two times per year, and this can be sufficient in most cases. When there are large weeds present, weed-killing pesticides can be applied manually to an individual weed to remove it. Pesticides can be necessary when weeds with large leaves begin to crowd out grass and cause significant damage to a lawn.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services helps homeowners in southeastern Idaho eliminate pests that threaten to destroy a beautiful lawn. Get in touch with Pest Control Services to start taking control of your weed problems today.

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