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Keeping Your Pets Safe From Pests This Fall and Winter

Keep an eye out for your pets this fall and winter by taking steps to avoid pests.  Help protect them from dangerous pests, and help your whole family be happy. These tips list some ways to avoid pests for your pets.

Outdoor Pests

After long walks or hikes, carefully inspect your pet for fleas. If a flea is found, then slowly remove it so as to not leave the mouth parts. Use forceps or tweezers, put it in tissue, and flush it down the toilet. Wash your hands after as well as  the affected area with soap and water. Be sure to talk to your vet about other ways to protect your pet from pests.

Maintain your home by cutting grass low so ticks don’t get in. Clear any debris or woodpiles. Be sure to ask our professionals about lawn tick treatment in order to keep your pets safe.

Protection from Pests

Store food and treats in airtight containers to deter pests as well as your human food in separate containers.. Making sure your pet’s food supply is clean and pest free is the first step you can take to protect them. Storing all food this way prevents an insect or rodent infestation from happening. Also, check unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables for spots to help prevent fruit flies from multiplying. Throw away or compost any that have signs of pests. Consider storing them in an enclosed space or refrigerator.

Applying a mixture of sugar and baking soda to the baseboards of the house helps to deter ants, termites, and roaches. Use citrus oil to deter insects. Spray it around doors, windows, and anywhere else bugs can get in.

Flea Remedies

When you’re feeding your pet, adding apple cider vinegar helps to kill and prevent fleas. Add a teaspoon to your pet's food when you feed them. After bathing, spray them with apple cider vinegar. When it dries, comb it to remove fleas.

Another way to protect pets from pests is to frequently wash the bedding in the house, including the places they sleep.

Preventing Mice

Look for areas where mice or rats can get into your home. Stuff these holes with aluminum foil. Rodent’s can’t chew through metal, and it can prevent them from getting into your home. A simple DIY rodent deterrent is mint oil. Add drops of it where there could be rodent infestations.

Pest Control Services has served the community since 1970. Contact us today for information about our residential services, and how we can protect your pet from pests this fall and winter season.

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