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How Warmer Weather Affects Pests

Warm weather has more effects on pests than you might assume. Many homeowners believe that pests simply love summery weather just as we do, which is why they often appear in non-winter months. But there is a lot more to it than that. Here are three ways that warm weather impacts pest life.

Pests Are Cold-Blooded

Like reptiles, most pests are cold-blooded creatures. What this means is that they need external sources of heat to warm up their bodies. It is much harder for pests to find sources of heat during winter over any other season.

Pests love to sunbathe, and when they aren’t hiding during the nighttime, they are highly attracted by not only warm places but places that also reflect lots of sunlight. During hotter days, they can end up relaxing on driveways, sidewalks and porches.

Pests Are Awake Longer in Warm Weather

During the winter, pests tend to hibernate, only waking themselves up in order to find food that can regain their energy. They tend to do this during warmer winter days, where sunlight provides energy to help rejuvenate them.

What this means is that during the winter, you might come across pests that you otherwise would not see if the weather was colder. Boxelder and stink bugs will leave indoor areas for food whereas termites and cockroaches will stay inside.

Pests Grow Faster in Warm Weather

During the warmer months, pests get the heat and food they need in order to hatch from eggs, grow and reproduce faster than normal. Even during mild winters, pests are able to have themselves entire swarms by the time spring comes. This is because the speed of the pest’s life cycle will ultimately depend on the resources available to them.

It’s not that pests thrive on warm weather because it is more enjoyable than cold weather, but pests simply need warm weather to reach adulthood. When it’s cold outside, they will tend to look for a place of warmth somewhere to grow and reproduce.

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