How Often Should You Weed Your Lawn and Flower Beds?


It is now the time of the year when people are enjoying the great outdoors. During this season, we see more and more plantlife bloom. While we enjoy most of these plants, there are some we wish to never see — weeds. There are over 8000 plants that are weeds. Once they appear, you have to work hard to keep them out. So, how often should you weed your lawn and flower beds?

What are Weeds?

Weeds are plants that grow where they are not wanted. For example, you may see plants growing out of sidewalks or buildings. These are weeds. There are over 8000 species of weeds all over the world. Once you see them, it is best to remove them from the area, so they do not take over. 

What do Weeds do to My Lawn or Flowerbed?

Besides looking aesthetically unpleasing, weeds are an invasive species. Therefore, if you do not tend to them, they will take over your garden or lawn. Once they take over, they can cause other plants like flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and trees to die. Unkempt yards are also perfect sheltering grounds for pests like bees, mosquitoes and termites

How Often Should I Weed?

On average, you should weed your lawn, flowerbeds and gardens once a week. Weekly weeding can also vary depending on the climate of your environment as well as the season. In general, people pull the most weeds during spring and summer when there is more moisture and sun outside. 

How do I Weed?

Luckily, weeding your garden is not a difficult task, and anyone can do it. You can pull small weeds out with your hands. For deeper weeds, you can use a shovel or a weed whacker. If you do not want weeds to return after removing them, or there are too many in the area, you can use a commercial weed removing solution. If you do use a commercial product, follow the directions exactly. 

Removing weeds from your property can be a hard and tedious task, especially if you have to do it at least once a week. We recommend working with a landscaping company to get your lawn care taken care of. If you ever notice any pests lingering in your yard or flowerbeds in Southeastern Idaho, then you need to contact Pest Control Services. To book a residential or commercial appointment, contact us today.

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