Cleaning Tips That Keep the Pests Away.


Are you tired of dealing with pests but you don’t know how to keep them away? 

Or maybe you know but your usual methods aren’t doing the trick! 

In either case, we can help. 

Pest Control Services has learned a few cleaning tips over the years that can reduce or eliminate pests in your home. So we thought it would be helpful to compile a few of those tips here for you to use! 

Now, you’ll have plenty of cleaning to do, so let’s not waste time! Here we go!

Tip One: Vacuum Out Your Furniture

Many people deep clean random surfaces, and while that’s good, you need to target places with a lot of traffic. Places like your couch, chairs or other furniture all collect a lot of food particles.

Those food particles can attract pests of all kinds, and the last thing you want is to share a seat with a cockroach.

To prevent that from happening, take some fabric cleaner and your vacuum, then thoroughly clean the whole piece of furniture. That will also suck up any bed bugs that may be on the surface! 

Tip Two: Wash Your Garbage Cans

Hear us out. We know it can seem counterintuitive because they’re meant to hold trash. However, after a while of use, your trash cans become infected with mold or general bacteria. 

That’s not only gross to have in your home. It’s also a meal waiting for a pest. So it can be a good idea to wash out your garbage cans every once in a while. Be sure to use soap or another disinfectant as you do it. 

Tip Three: Deep Clean Your Kitchen

You almost certainly clean your kitchen often. But that’s not what we’re talking about. When we say deep clean, we mean to get into every crack and crevice with disinfectant. We advise you to do that because that’s where these pests will feed and house themselves—those cracks and crevices. 

Another reason is that crumbs will normally fall in those areas, which just attracts the crumbs in the first place. 

When you keep cleaning these areas, you’ll surely see a decrease in pests. However, that’s assuming that you don’t have a deeper problem under the surface. If the pest problem remains, then it’s probably a situation that needs a professional.

You can call Pest Control Services today for the help you need! 

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