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10 Bed Bug Myths

Bed bugs, once considered a pest of the past, have staged a formidable comeback. This may be due to our increased world travel and the development of insecticide resistance among bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on mammalian and avian blood, and humans are their favorite host.

When bed bugs were abundant decades ago, they were considered a pest of the poor and unsanitary living conditions. The stigma or embarrassment of bed bugs remains —as well as many common myths about them. Here are the 10 most common myths about bed bugs.

1. Bed Bugs Only Live in Beds

Bed bugs will live in and on your mattress and bed frame, but they will also live in other places in your home, such as rugs, chairs, sofas and curtains. Since they feed on your blood while you are sleeping, they inevitably make their way to your bed for a meal.

2. Bed Bugs Only Bite at Night

Though bed bugs prefer to feed at night, if they are hungry and the opportunity presents itself, they will feed during the day. They will adapt to your work schedule, even if you work nights. And though they prefer human blood, your dog or cat is susceptible to bed bug bites.

3. Bed Bugs Can Fly

Bed bugs do not have wings and cannot fly. On the other hand, they can move rather quickly for their size, crawling about three feet in one minute.

4. You Can’t See Bed Bugs

On the contrary, you can. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are dark, reddish-brown in color. Bed bug eggs and juvenile bed bugs are smaller and can be more difficult to see but not impossible.

5. Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly

Actually, bed bugs don’t reproduce quickly when compared to other insects. A female bed bug only produces about one egg per day. By contrast, a termite queen in her colony can lay 30,000 eggs per day. It takes about seven to eight weeks for a bed bug egg to hatch and reach adulthood.

6. Bed Bugs Can Live a Year Without a Meal

Not quite true though they can go a while without a meal. Under normal 

temperature conditions in a home or apartment, they can go two to three months without eating. So just because a residence has been vacant, it doesn’t mean the bed bugs have moved out.

7. Bed Bugs Prefer Crowded, Dirty City Environments

Bed bugs don’t care as long as they have a comfortable living situation and access to their food source. They can be found in a penthouse apartment in a city as well as a family home in the suburbs.

8. Bed Bugs Transmit Disease

Unlike other insects such as mosquitoes, there are no reported cases of bed bugs transmitting diseases to humans.

9. Bed Bugs Travel on Our Bodies

Bed bugs do travel, but not on our bodies. Most likely they will end up a stowaway in luggage or backpacks when you are traveling.

10: You Can Successfully Treat a Bed Bug Infestation on Your Own

Eliminating bed bugs from your home is a highly specialized, professional pest control service. Over-the-counter products, including foggers, are ineffective.

Do you have bed bugs, or are you concerned you might? Pest Control Services, Inc. is happy to provide you with a free estimate. We serve residents and businesses in southeastern Idaho. Contact us today at Pest Control Services, Inc. and find out how we can help you.

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