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Idaho is a state with a number of pests, including ants. Here, a variety of ants can be found. For example, there are odorous house ants, pavement ants, and harvest ants. Carpenter ants are usually the most destructive. If you are in need of ant control, the experts at Pest Control Services, Inc. are ready to help.

Ants are constantly looking for food. These creatures are attracted to dampness and standing water. Particularly, they love sugary and sweet items. Ants are often found around bread or dog food as well. Once ants uncover a source of food, they keep returning.

To prevent issues, is wise to wipe down your kitchen counters and to make sure that your sink is empty. Also, you should store breads and other dry goods in closed plastic containers. If you have a pet, it is advised to store its food in a sealed container, especially if it is kept in your house.

Our Most Common Ants in Idaho

Odourous House Ant

These ants are dark brown to shiny black and are 1/8 inch long. They also emit a very strong odor when crushed. Often found in shallow mount of soil, invade grass areas around water pipes, heat vents and wall voids. They feed on sweets and proteins.

Pavement Ant

These ants are brown to black and are 3/16 inch in length. They are often found in lawns, cracks in sidewalks and concrete driveways. Other areas are along foundations, near water, and under rocks and boards. They feed on sweets, proteins, and grease.

Carpenter Ant

These ants are large, black, or bicolored red and black. They measure up to 1/2 inch long. They are often found in hollow trees, logs, telephone poles, posts, porch pillars and other timber used in homes. Their trademark is a small pile of coarse sawdust beneath their nesting site. Carpenter ants differ from termites because they do not consume wood, but simply hollow it out to form nests.

Carpenter ants damage wood by excavating and creating galleries and tunnels for their nest. These areas are clean, i.e. they do not contain sawdust or other debris, and are smooth, with a well sanded appearance.

The damage to wood structures is variable. The longer a colony is present in a structure, the greater the damage that can be done. Structural wood can be weakened when carpenter ant damage is severe.

Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh workers are about 1/16-inch in length. They are light yellow to reddish brown in color with a darker abdomen. Pharaoh ants have become a serious pest in almost every type of building. They can feed on a wide variety of foods including grease, sugary foods, and dead insects. They can also gnaw holes in silk, rayon and goods. Nests can be very small, making detection even more difficult. They are usually found in wall voids, under floors, or in various types of furniture. In homes, they are often found foraging in bathrooms or near food.

Professional Ant Control Services

It is not easy to eliminate an ant infestation. A professional pest control company understands the most effective techniques. At Pest Control Services Inc., we will inspect your property and will identify where ants are entering your home. We will spray the foundation of your home as well as indoor areas. Our goal is to stop existing problems and to keep future problems away.

4 Signs You Have an Ant Infestation

There a number of signs that inidicate you may have an ant problem. Here are a few of the most common signs of an ant infestation.

  • Ants are present:Obviously, if you see ants crawling, you may have a problem. Ants often travel in groups, so you may notice a full trail in your home.
  • Sawdust:If you notice a small pile of sawdust, you may have a problem with carpenter ants.
  • Ant hills near your home:If you notice small piles of dirt in your yard or basement, they signal that ant nests are present.
  • Noises in your walls: If you lean on your wall and hear a rustling sound, it may be a sign that ants have taken over your home.

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