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What is a Micro Tree Injection and How Does it Work?

Beautiful landscapes require dedicated maintenance. When issues such as pests or plant diseases strike, they can wreak havoc on a landscape quickly.

What’s particularly damaging to a beautiful landscape? Tree deterioration and even death. 

Boring insects and pests can work their way into trees, destroying them from the inside out. And trees can catch diseases that are detrimental to their health, too. 

What can you do to prevent or treat these issues? Micro tree injections are particularly effective at getting rid of disease and pests. It’s important to have a professional service you can rely on in the event that you find pests or diseases harming the plants on your property. Who do you have to rely on right now? 

Visit Pest Control Services for lawn, tree & pest professionals you can count on. And to learn more about micro tree injections, read on!

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Why Are Pests Attracted to Moisture?

Like all living things today, pests depend on moisture for multiple reasons. 

However, the chief among those reasons is for basic survival. 

No matter what type of pest it is, they need moisture, they may not need a lot, but they need some for sure. 

That’s why they’re so attracted to any humid environments. It’s also why any slightly leaky pipe or standing water in the backyard can draw them right in. So if you’re wondering why pests are showing up where they previously hadn’t, looking for moisture is a good starting point. 

But what pests should you be looking for? Or what pests can you expect to see? 

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Cleaning Tips That Keep the Pests Away.

Are you tired of dealing with pests but you don’t know how to keep them away? 

Or maybe you know but your usual methods aren’t doing the trick! 

In either case, we can help. 

Pest Control Services has learned a few cleaning tips over the years that can reduce or eliminate pests in your home. So we thought it would be helpful to compile a few of those tips here for you to use! 

Now, you’ll have plenty of cleaning to do, so let’s not waste time! Here we go!

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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Termites

The team at Pest Control Services has been serving the Idaho community since 1970 and dealing with a wide variety of pests in that time. Termites are one of those nasty little pests that can leave your home in ruins.

Luckily, we’ve learned a lot about termites, and all of our knowledge can help you prevent your home from becoming or staying infested. In this post, we’ll update you on everything you need to know. So stick with us. 

Ensure There Aren’t Already Termites in Your Home.

Before you learn how to prevent or exterminate them, it’s a good idea to find out if they’re already present in your home. If you see one or more of the following, then you may have termites:

  1. In early spring or after a heavy rainfall, winged termites swarming.
  2. Seeing dead termites or wings from swarmers. 
  3. Accumulation of dirt resulting from mud tubes. 
  4. Warped doors or floors. 
  5. Holes in wood. 
  6. Baseboards or floors that sound hollow. 

How To Prevent Termites.

If you’re confident that you don’t have any termites, then you’re probably looking to keep it that way. We understand that more than most, so let’s break down good practices to keep these pests away:

  1. Termites love the plants you keep outside. We know you do too. However, those plants offer great opportunities for the termites to cover up their damages, and they’ll even use them as a bridge to enter your home. Leave a good distance between your outdoor plants and your home. 
  2. Termites may swarm in early spring for a number of reasons, but mainly to scout out a new home. To prevent them from picking yours, keep outdoor lights off at night and relocate them to areas away from doors and windows.
  3. Many termites in the United States are subterranean, so it can help to limit the amount of wood making contact with soil. That will give them fewer chances to climb up and feed on your home. 
  4. Properly vent all attics, crawlspaces, and basements. Humidity in these spaces attracts termites. 
  5. Lastly, ensure there aren’t gaps in your home that could allow entry. Look out for windows and doors.

What To Do if You Have Termites.

If you’ve looked at the list and discovered you have termites, then what can you do?

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Bugs You May Find on Your Holiday Decorations

Most of us store our holiday decorations in basements and attics – two places that pests tend to hide in. When you’re unpacking your holiday decorations for the season, make sure to check all your decorations before you use them! Here are some of the most common bugs you may find hiding in your holiday decorations.


Spiders love cool, dry places and they are so small, they can fit in nearly any crack or crevice. It is easy for spiders to get inside your holiday decorations and make their webs within your belongings. When decorating for the holidays, you should always dust things off and make sure that spiders and their webs aren’t hanging onto your stuff. If you notice lots of spiders and you can’t get rid of them yourself, you should call an exterminator.


Silverfish are those centipedes you dread to see – the ones with the long bodies and tons of feet. , these pests don’t cause humans any harm, and they are actually good to have around because they eat small bugs. But, you don’t want to have one of these centipedes on your holiday decorations. Make sure to clean off your holiday items before bringing them out of your basement or attic.


Mice and rats love to hide in basements and attics. No matter where you live, these pesky critters tend to hide in your home and make their nests in very small cracks and crevices. If you notice rodent droppings in your basement or attic, that is a telltale sign that rodents are somewhere nearby. The best course of action is to set out some traps or call an exterminator to take care of the issue. Before bringing any boxes full of holiday decorations upstairs, check to see if there are any small rodents inside. If there are, you can always set the box outside and let the rodents out into your backyard.

Get Help From the Pros

If you need a team of professional pest control experts to fix your pest problems, we are the company you are looking for. At Pest Control Services, Inc., we specialize in all kinds of pest control, from bed bug extermination to flea control, to rodent control. Our team of pest experts would be happy to come to your home and or business and work for you. Contact Pest Control Services, Inc. here or give us a call at 208-244-7896. We look forward to working with you!

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